Much more than bag, a way of life.

You always wanted it, we have created it for you. This small revolution is a turning point, change your habits, embodies an era without compromises.

The Honey Bag, an infinity of possibilities.

An improvised shopping session, a Sunday morning playing tennis, a two-wheeled escapade; Your Honey Bag is already a daily essential. Scaled to carry a helmet, it is barely larger than a A4 sheet once folded on itself.

Honey Bag Soho Bee&Smart Lifestyle tennis
Honey Bag Chelsea Bee&Smart pliable

An easy and intuitive folding.

Honey Bag Crossbody Piccadilly helmet bag Bee&Smart

Neoprene fabric as a trademark.

Lightweight, robust and waterproof, we chose to build our project among the multiple qualities of this material. Selected in Italy, our premium neoprene fabric offer our bags an outstanding finish and durability.

Chic, modern, of any circumstances.

Honey Bag Besace Kensington Bee&Smart Lifestyle man
Honey Bag Bucket Kensington Bee&Smart Lifestyle woman
Honey Bag Bucket Camden sport and chic Bee&Smart

You discovered it handy, the Honey bag do not envy anything to creator leatherwork. You may either choose the Seau or the Besace model, it will know how to impose itself as the centerpiece of your look.

Honey Bag Besace Chelsea Bee&Smart Lifestyle Jeune homme
Honey Bag Bucket Chelsea Bee&Smart Lifestyle woman tennis
Honey Bag Besace Kensington moto helmet

Une aventure familiale

Jean-Marc Kaminski


As a long term entrepreneur and biker, Jean-Marc was the first interested in an alternative solution to carry his helmet.

Bee&Smart Juliette Martin


As a textile and leather goods creator, Juliette drew the first lines of the Honey Bag without knowing that she would create innovation and orientate the artistic direction of the project.